Sunday, October 14, 2012

Progress on the Otter

Gary, Ted and Jonny lent a hand this weekend to bring the Otter back to life in time for the Dungeness Crab season opener in November. After pulling out the old rotten inwales and busted breasthook and transom knees, it was clear that the mahogany outwales were serviceable and actually really nice. So, I decided to "restore" the boat rather than convert it to a work boat. Here are some photos of the progress.


  1. Mike, You have the sickness ! fortunately you also have the talent necessary to fulfill the need for more boats. How do you transport your Ulua ? I really don,t want another trailer but getting it up on top of my Tacoma is more than a one man job and I'm not sure my racks will stand up to the weight.

  2. Keith,
    Its a two man job to move the canoe around for sure. I have been scheming about how to move the boat around and get it on my roof solo. it would require a couple of kayak dollys and a roller system on the back side of the roof racks. But I haven't had the time to put it all together. I built a custom wooden cradle for my Subaru that connects to my Thule rack system with hose clamps. I also added two oak beams to support the cradle along with the Thule crossbeams. I'll shoot a picture of the system tomorrow and post a pic. I'he had over 250lbs up there and I drive between SF and LA with it!