Monday, August 20, 2012

Blasting out of Bolinas

It all fits!

With the new ialkos and pola roughed out I slapped on some sealer and rigged the canoe this weekend in Stinson Beach. It all looked and performed beautifully. I need to make some minor adjustments but nothing major. A keen eye will notice that I've moved away from flexible lashings in favor of stainless steal bolts and 2000lb test webbing. Yikes! It certainly stiffened up the ride. I'm a bit worried about the consequences in the event of a massive load event (i.e. a huge broach or pitch pole). More photos here

Hollow Pola Construction

I made six new Pola. All are hollow and carbon reinforced. The goal is maximum stiffness and minimum weight. The idea is to be able to rig three tramps for sleeping out at anchor. More construction photos here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Whoops... bought another boat!

Got an outstanding deal on this fiberglass 13'4" Chamberlain Dory Skiff today in Sausalito. Its missing the thwarts and needs some repair to the wood gunwales - both easy jobs. Otherwise, the hull is in great shape. This is a perfect vessel for off-the-beach crabbing and fishing trips.

Iakos set in rough form

The broken wing iako nests nicely with the main iako. I'll probably cut away some of the lower laminates to  lighten the outboard end of the broken wing iako, which has CF cloth between the top two laminates for additional stiffness.